Monday, October 27, 2014

My room Rendering using vray RT

Hello guys !

Before i started , i want to tell you that this is my first rendering engine that i am learning now(beginning) , this step for me is a small step in 3D world but it's huge for me , and this is for couple reasons .
First : every 3D modeler  in same point need to output the final project in a good view whatever the target of the project (game, architecture , ...) , and to make this you need very clean scene and materials and a good rendering settings and this happen to me because i have lot of 3d model that i crate early but i didn't render them so this is a chance to render all my previous jobs..
Second:The client need the final project and see it completed (image , video , game...), so he doesn't care about the project itself but he care the result and he doesn't need to know all the techniques you use and how to use , may be we can make exception like game developer or another 3d modeler who can modify your project to meet their needs.
in the last i invite you to comment and share your critiques.

1- Create proper scene.

this is the first and the most important job you have to do , i have checked my scene for any issues like faces with more 4 sides ,  faces with hole , so on ...

he dimensions of the scenes is the second thing that i do . OK i scale the scene to realistic size usualy the height of room is 270 cm to 290 cm so i use distance tool to help me to scale the hole scene.
I scale the scene to be real size (270cm from the floor to the ground)

2-Setup the Room 

the room is very sample just a box with a window and i use Wood texture for ground and just sample color for wall.

The room textured

3- The table:

it is first thing here i placed in the center of the room and i use VrayMtaerial and 3D Wood texture to get the view that i want.

4-Set up Stylish

Stylish Render

the material setting

5- The lights : 

in this scene i use 2 lights and a sun and i use the following settings.

The light Position and sun

6-The render settings.

7 - The Result:

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